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Hello everyone,

Thank you so much for visiting for Kettison's website.

I started playing the saxophone when I was in junior high school in Japan, and in 2006 had the opportunity to go to Florida with high school brass band club member and to do the workshop and some concerts with local high school students. And we played at the Disney World, too.

I had such an amazing time.


In the 2009, I saw Michael Jackson’s "This is it" documentary, I was impressed by his music and thought to myself that one day I wanted to sing like him. With this in my mind, at the end of the 2011 I came to the US and had the opportunity to meet and study jazz from some wonderful teachers including: Dee Dee McNeal, Billy Michelle, Aimee Nolte to name a few.


After I finished my schooling, I met Stacy Lee and began to expand my range by studying Pop and R&B from her. Around the same time, I became a Christian and had the joy of meeting many blessed people at my Church. Guitarist Michael Angel introduced me to Saxophonist, vocalist and songwriter, Jessy J who began to teach me further on the saxophone.


In May 27th 2016, I was excited to be releasing my first ever album titled: ”Believer”

as a Novia M. Yukumi, which producing by Juan Tyus.

Since October 2017, I'm working on with new artist name,,, "Kettison".


Thank you for your love and support.
I hope to see you soon!